Skin antiseptics

We produce safe hypoallergenic water-based skin antiseptics under the registered trademark ANAVIDIN®.

About Products

The unique active ingredient of our skin antiseptics is the copolymer of hexamethylene guanidine salts .

ANAVIDIN® skin antiseptics are ready-to-use solutions for treating hands, skin, injection and surgical fields, gloves, small surfaces, objects and equipment.

The funds passed all the necessary research and tests in accredited research centers, received State Registration Certificates, quality certificates and instructions for professional use and in everyday life.
Do not contain substances hazardous to health and surfaces.

Fields of application

The use of our Skin antiseptics is allowed for all areas of professional activity and in everyday life.

Hygienic Hand Treatment
Injection field treatment
Fungal Disease Prevention
Hand treatment of medical staff
Hand processing
Surface disinfection
Hygienic Hand Treatment

Hand treatment in everyday life: at home, on a walk, in public places, at work, in public transport, in public places, in order to prevent the transmission of infections by contact.

Injection field treatment

Processing of elbow bends before blood sampling, skin areas before injections, before measuring sugar level, surgical field before surgery, etc.

Fungal Disease Prevention

Treatment of the feet before and after visiting public places: baths, saunas, swimming pools, gyms, beaches, etc., as well as when there is a risk of developing a fungal infection on the skin of the feet.

Hand treatment of medical staff

Hand treatment of surgeons, operating medical. sisters, midwives, staff of health care facilities and healthcare facilities, clan. houses, ambulances, dental clinics, kindergartens and schools, social institutions. security, etc.

Hand processing

Hygienic processing of the hands of workers in perfumes and cosmetics, pharmaceutical enterprises, beauty salons, hairdressers, pedicure and manicure rooms, etc., food enterprises, poultry and livestock farms.

Surface disinfection

Disinfection of small in area, as well as hard-to-reach surfaces in rooms, furnishings, appliances, equipment, toys.

Antimicrobial activity

Anavidin® skin antiseptics have proven efficacy in relation to:

Gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria (including pathogens of nosocomial infections, mycobacterium tuberculosis, intestinal infections)
Viruses (in relation to all known human pathogen viruses, including enteric and parenteral hepatitis viruses (including hepatitis A, B and C), HIV, polio, adenoviruses, SARS viruses, avian "H5N1 flu, swine flu, human flu, herpes, etc.)
Mushrooms of the genus Candida, Trichophyton.

The benefits of our skin antiseptics

Do not contain alcohol, chlorine and other aggressive substances.
They have a wide range of antimicrobial activity.
Prolonged antimicrobial action for at least 5 hours.
Do not cause irritation and other allergic skin reactions.
Allowed to treat the skin of children from 3 months.
Suitable for daily repeated use.
Do not spoil the treated surface.
Allowed for use in all areas of professional activity and in everyday life.


Ready-to-use, hypoallergenic, water-based skin antiseptic. Alcohol, fragrance and color free.

Release Forms : Canister 20 l, 5 l, 1 l bottle with a pump, 0.5 l with a pump, 0.5 l with a trigger, 300 ml, 200 ml with a foaming agent, 200 ml spray, 150 ml spray, 100 ml spray, 60 ml spray, 50 ml with a foaming agent, 18 ml spray.
Appointment : Hygienic treatment of hands by the population in everyday life, treatment of the skin of the injection and surgical fields, treatment of the soles of the feet to prevent fungal diseases, treatment of hands and gloves honey. personnel disinfection of small surfaces and objects. Does not require rinsing with water.


Ready to use hypoallergenic water-based skin antiseptic.

Release Forms : Canister 20 l, 5 l, 1 l bottle with a pump, 0.5 l with a pump, 200 ml with a foaming agent, 200 ml spray, 50 ml with a foaming agent, 18 ml spray.
Benefits : Contains natural aloe vera extract and skin-care supplements.

Auto Dispenser

Automatic dispenser for skin antiseptic SBF-162

  • It has 3 dosage modes.
  • Ability to work on mains and batteries.
  • It gives an antiseptic in the form of foam (saving: 0.8ml / dose).
  • Dimensions 240mm (h) x130mm (w) x140mm (dl).
  • Convenient design allows you to install automatic dispenser to any convenient place.
Release Forms : Dispenser and interchangeable bags with 1050 ml valve.
Appointment : It is intended for use with replaceable bags with the Anavidin-Exprof skin antiseptic, which is ready to use a highly effective hypoallergenic water-based skin antiseptic without alcohol, flavorings and colorings.
Shelf life of working solutions : 3 years

Sanitizing Wipes

They are uniformly impregnated napkins made of non-woven material. Anavidin-Exprof skin antiseptic is used as an impregnating composition.

Release Forms : Bank 60 pcs, napkin in individual packaging (sachet).
Benefits : Do not contain alcohol, fragrances and dyes, hypoallergenic, approved for skin treatment of children.
Appointment : Processing of skin, injection field, disinfection of equipment, objects, surfaces.