Production of modern and safe disinfectants

SmartSynthesis LLC is a manufacturer of modern safe and highly effective concentrated disinfectants and skin antiseptics under the registered trademark ANAVIDIN®.

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Our production

The plant is located in the Irkutsk region in the territory of advanced development .

The production base is equipped with modern high-tech equipment, providing high productivity and the ability to manufacture various tools.
Product quality is ensured by continuous multi-stage control of incoming raw materials, production processes, finished products.
We are constantly expanding our product line with innovative products.
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Production of the company

Innovative safe disinfectants and antiseptics

Water disinfection

We produce innovative, safe, highly effective disinfectants that are free from hazardous and corrosive substances.

Our products are based on a unique active ingredient - an active water-soluble polymer - a copolymer of hexamethylene guanidine salts, which is safe for humans and the environment.
The funds passed all the necessary research and tests in accredited research centers, entered into the State Register and approved by the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-being.
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We manufacture safe, hypoallergenic, water-based skin antiseptics under the registered trademark "Anavidin®". These are ready-to-use solutions for treating hands, skin, operating and injection fields, gloves, as well as disinfecting small surfaces and objects.

The funds passed all the necessary research and tests in accredited research centers, received State Registration Certificates, quality certificates and instructions for professional use and in everyday life.
Do not contain substances hazardous to health and surfaces.
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We produce a unique safe product "Anavidin-Aqua" for purification and disinfection of water in swimming pools, water parks, artificial reservoirs, fountains, aquariums, for the purification and treatment of industrial wastewater, heat and power plants, etc.

Suitable for cleaning and disinfecting water in: Pools, water parks, aquariums, fountains, decorative water bodies, for the treatment and treatment of industrial wastewater, heat power plants.
Without chlorine and other aggressive substances.
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Active substance

A unique development that allows you to safely disinfect any surface, including skin

The copolymer of hexamethylene guanadine salts is an active water-soluble polymer used as an active substance in our products.

The substance is non-toxic, non-combustible, safe and does not have any smell.
It has a wide range of antimicrobial activity (including in relation to nosocomial and especially dangerous infections).
Suitable for disinfection of skin, instruments, objects and surfaces.
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Fields of application

Our products are approved for use in all areas of professional activity and in everyday life.

Medical institutions
Hotels and tourism
Manufacturing enterprises
Utility Facilities
Agricultural activity
Objects of mass visit
Animal care
Domestic use
Medical institutions

Infectious hospitals, surgical and trauma departments, polyclinics, emergency departments, maternity hospitals, dental and cosmetology clinics, diagnostic and treatment centers, massage rooms

Hotels and tourism

Hotels, hostels, tourist recreation centers, campsites, resorts, motels, excursion services, rental of premises, etc.

Manufacturing enterprises

Perfume and cosmetic and pharmaceutical enterprises, chemical-pharmaceutical, biotechnological industry, textile production, forest industry, metallurgy, etc.

Utility Facilities

Maintenance of territories of residential buildings, sanitation facilities, parking facilities, water supply, heating, power supply facilities, sewer services, emergency services, services for the removal and disposal of solid waste, etc.


Public catering enterprises (cafes, restaurants, bars, canteens, snack bars, etc.), production workshops, pre-cooked enterprises, culinary shops and sales of prepared dishes, etc.

Agricultural activity

Poultry, livestock, pig and animal husbandry, farms, land cultivation enterprises, crop production, nurseries, vegetable gardens, cattle and plant transportation services, etc.

Objects of mass visit

Theaters, cinemas, exhibitions, museums, shopping centers, entertainment centers (billiards, bowling, etc.), children's games, quest rooms, shops, offices, etc.

Animal care

Veterinary clinics, pet shops, pet pharmacies, grooming salons, nurseries, hotels for animals, animal exhibitions, animal training facilities, facilities for keeping animals, etc.

Domestic use

Hygienic treatment of hands, general cleaning, washing and disinfection of any surfaces (floors, walls, hard and upholstered furniture, etc.), bathrooms, personal hygiene items, linen, patient care items, etc.


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