Water disinfection

We produce a unique safe product “Anavidin-Aqua” for the purification and disinfection of water in pools, water parks, artificial reservoirs.


Anavidin-Aqua disinfectant for water purification and disinfection

Suitable for cleaning and disinfecting water in: Pools, water parks, aquariums, fountains, decorative water bodies, for the treatment and treatment of industrial wastewater, heat power plants.
The tool has a bactericidal, virucidal, algicidal, as well as fungicidal effect, flocking ability.
Without chlorine and other aggressive substances.

Fields of application

Fields of application

For the purification and disinfection of waters: domestic, drinking, municipal purposes, cultural and domestic (water objects for swimming, sports and recreation) and fishery water use, preparation of boiler-quality water, preparation of feed and recycled water for heat power plants , natural water treatment, treatment and treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater.

And also the preparation is used for disinfection of surfaces: premises, equipment and containers for storage, transportation, supply and bottling of drinking water; equipment of circulating systems of technical and drinking water supply; containers for storage of industrial and drinking water; auxiliary equipment, etc.